Dolph Ziggler on WWE Network launch, Hulk Hogan return to WWE, concussions | Wrestleview VIP

Dolph Ziggler on WWE Network launch, Hulk Hogan return to WWE, concussions’s Adam Martin joins Shark on “The Shark Show” on Wednesday (2/26/14) on 94.1 KRNA to discuss the launch of the WWE Network, Hulk Hogan returning to WWE television on RAW in Green Bay, any concern on his end with suffering two concussions in one year, working with Big E in WWE, wrestling fans using “insider” terms around him, working with AJ Lee and his thoughts on crowds taking over WWE events with random chants over the last year.

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Wrestling Radio Awards's Adam Martin and Doug Lackey return to talk wrestling for the first time in 2014 for the Wrestling Radio Awards discussing the launch of the WWE Network. Visit
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